I am under 18 years old, can I still sign up ?

Yes !
However, you will have a different version of the platforme. You won’t earn money, but gifts 🎁

Is it legal ?

We are currently making the necessary arrangements with regulators in Europe and the United Kingdom.

When the first beta test keys will be released: all the legal procedures will be completed and you can bet without problems 😎

In which countries is it available ?

For the moment, all European countries and the United Kingdom.

What games can I bet on? Will I be able to bet on computer and console ?

It's very simple, we will make sure we have all the big multiplayer games on computer and console.

There won't be any games from the start, but they will be added over time.
Our beta testers will choose the games that will be added.

What kind of bet will be available ?

Lots of different bet types will be available.

We will co-create the platform with our beta testers. So you will choose which types of bet will be available.

For example, for a battle royal you can bet:

  • on the number of kills you are going to make
  • the ranking you are going to make
  • face another player (from Betsurvivor) and win their money if you make more kills than him
  • take on another player (from Betsurvivor) and win their money if you finish higher than him
  • the number of TOP 10 in a row you make
  • ...

How does sponsorship work ?

Very simple :)

Once registered you get your link.

Then share it with your non-registered friends.

Each person whose registration is finalized with your link wins 2 € of credit to bet and you too 🎉

When will I receive the sponsorship money ?

The money you have accumulated in your Betsurvivor account will be available as soon as you receive your beta test key 😎

When will I receive my beta key ?

We do our best so that the first people have access to beta 💪

The more you are on the waiting list, the faster the beta will arrive 👊

Few people will have access to the first beta versions. So be ranked as high as possible to be one of the first on the platform.

How to be kept informed of progress ?

Every week we give news on our discord. This is where we communicate about everything.

We even make you participate, we will co-create the platform with our beta testers. And there will be lots of surprises ;)
👉Our Discord

How will we automatically retrieve the scores of your video game games?

Games editors will automatically provide the scores for your games. You don't have to wait or give us your scores. Everything is automatic !

Join our discord to give your opinion on the first games you want to see on the platform 😎

Why are we doing a pre-launch?

We are currently making the necessary arrangements with regulators in Europe and the United Kingdom.
We take advantage of the time necessary to have these authorizations in order to co-create the platform with you, rather than doing it alone in our corner ✌️

In addition, the more you are, the more we will have weight to have the authorizations to exercise quickly 👊

You want to help us co-create the platform 👇
Pre-register, sponsor your friends and give your opinion on our discord 🔥

How is my data protected ?

Data security is a priority for us (RGPD Regulation).

In France, personal data is protected by law n ° 78-87 of January 6, 1978, law n ° 2004-801 of August 6, 2004, article L. 226-13 of the Penal Code and European Directive of 24 October 1995.

Why is there a ranking for having beta keys ?

To co-create the platform we will need beta testers, just as we need beta testers to create a video game.

The number of beta testers will be limited at startup and will increase over time.
So those who have sponsored the most friends will be rewarded by receiving their beta test key first, and will be able to choose how to improve the platform.

How does the credits to bet work ?

The credits that we offer you will be bet. You will not be able to remove it directly.

Credits will only be withdrawn once you have bet them.

Will I be able to withdraw money from my winnings?

Of course !

I did not receive the email to validate my account

Check the spelling of your email address.

And/or check if the email has not been spammed.

Contact us via the chat bubble if you have any more concerns 😉

My referral link does not work

This normally never happens but :

  1. Check that the sponsored person does not already have a Betsurvivor account. You can only sponsor unregistered people
  2. If 1. is ok, then check that your friend has validated his registration
  3. If you really think there is a problem, don't hesitate to contact us with the chat bubble at the bottom right, we will answer everyone ❤️

Why do you offer sponsorship wagering credits?

We prefer to offer credits to bet to one of our users who bring another, rather than pay for advertising. It's a win-win 🎉

Is the platform secure?

Yes it is, it meets all safety standards.

How long does it take to create an account ?

Less than a minute 🔥

How many people have already pre-registered?


What is being a beta tester?

Being a beta tester allows you to test Betsurvivor before everyone else and give your opinion on how to evolve the platform 😎

What happens if I have sponsored someone who has not validated their account?

The 2 € of credit to bet that you will have had thanks to his sponsorship will be withdrawn from your balance.

How do I change my address, name or date of birth?

It's super simple, just send a message to support via the chat bubble at the bottom right of the website.

Are there other ways to make money than sponsorship?

Yes, there will be surprises on our discord.
Join us 👉 Here

How do I activate my Beta test key?

  1. Copy the beta key that you will have obtained by email
  2. Log into your betsurvivor.com account
  3. Click on “do you already have a beta key?” at the bottom of the page
  4. Paste your beta key
  5. It's good! You have access to beta

What happens if I try to fake accounts to have more money to bet?

We have an anti-fraud system to unmask fake accounts.
So don't bother trying, it will automatically be a life-long BAN from betsurvivor 😱

How do I put money into my account ?

You can put money into your account when the platform will be available

I would like to delete my account?

You just have to tell us by the chat bubble at the bottom right of the site.

Other questions ?

Contact us with the chat bubble at the bottom right 😀